Questions & Answers About Our Workmanship

Q. What happens when the roofing materials are delivered to my home?

A. Approximately two days before your job is to begin, the roofing material will be delivered to your home and loaded on the roof. If there are power lines, tree branches or other obstacles blocking delivery, the roofing material will be unloaded in your driveway. We do request that you keep the driveway clear on the day the roofing material is to be delivered. (Please note that if you currently have a shake roof, the new roofing material may not be loaded on to your roof and would have to be unloaded in your driveway).

Q. What preparation do I need to make inside my home before the work begins?

A. Please make sure that any valuable items are covered in your attic because a certain amount of saw dust and debris will unavoidably fall. If we are removing skylights, please make sure a drop cloth is placed under the opening to catch any falling debris. There will be vibrations during a roofing job so it is recommended that ceiling fixtures are protected and that all pictures and other items of value are removed from the walls. If you need assistance, please be sure to ask us before the project begins.

Q. Will you protect the garden and shrubs around my home?

A. Hyman Roofing takes precautions to ensure that the home and surrounding areas are protected during the roof installation process. Please mark any underground sprinkler heads and make sure outdoor furniture is protected and barbecue equipment is covered. We would be happy to assist in moving any items that you would like protected.

Q. Do I have to be home during the roofing project?

A. Not unless you want to. Roofing is a noisy, messy project, but when we are through, you should not be able to tell we were there. If you have children, please make sure they remain inside during the installation. If you have pets, please keep them indoors. After the completion of the job, your property will be raked and a nail magnet will be used to pick up any debris. After the first rain, you will probably see shingle granules that wash out through the gutters which is a natural process. Nails may also wash out through the gutters so it is a good idea to check your yard for debris that may not have been visible to the roofers at the time the job was completed.